6 Ways to Get Edu and Go.Id Backlinks

Backlink needs are needed to increase the ranking of websites on Google, especially types of edu, ac.id and go.id which have high power authority. To get edu and go.id backlinks, it looks like you have to learn to understand every article I write. This method is quite easy and this is information that you can know about how to get quality backlinks from edu and gov sites.

Oh yeah, what do you know about the backlinks of edu and gov blogs?

Blog Edu is a site that has extensions like .edu, ac.id, ac.uk, ac.in, and .ac + (country extensions). This edu site is a site provided by education or a university devoted to the interests of education.

Gov Blog is a government website that provides information regarding the development of a country. Extensions used are usually go.id, .gov, .go.in, gov.uk, gov.au go.uk etc.

  1. Looking for Using Google Dork

Google provides facilities that we can use to get free backlinks from authority sites and have a good matrix. The method is quite easy, because we just need to type in a few "words" that can produce all the things we want. This dork is almost the same as the footprint from Google, so it's very easy for us to use to find a quality backlink.

looking for backlink-edu-and-gov-use-dork-google
Here is dork looking for edu and gov backlinks
site: .edu "leave comment"site: .go.id "leave comment"

Lack of searching by using this dork is the type. The types of backlinks that we produce can be in the form of nofollow or dofollow. But that doesn't matter because we have to have different types to look more natural.

2. Backlink Research Using Tools

This method must spend capital, you can use premium tools to check the backlinks of competitors as I have discussed in how to check the backlink website.

The usefulness of this backlink research turns out to be very easy compared to using dork. Why? Because it saves time? You can just see the type of edu backlinks from your competitors and emulate them. This method is indeed quite time-consuming, because we have to open one by one the backlinks that we have seen earlier. But, there's nothing wrong if you try it.

Ads: If you don't want to be complicated, you can use one of the complete edu backlink services from various types of edu websites. The form is also contextual and permanent links, not comments.

3. Submitting Emails to Blog Edu Owners or Go.id

This most effective way can be imitated by anyone. Make sure you know the niche and relevant article posts from edu or go.id blog that you send email. Fill in the e-mail is a request to write an article that is in accordance with your discussion and request that in the article there is a link that leads to or sourced from your website.

To get e-mail from edu owners, you really need to know who the owner or author of the blog is. Usually we can get an email from my contact page.

Examples of backlink requests from e-mail in Indonesian

Hi friends, it seems your discussion is the same as my blog. Do you want to write articles sourced from my blog? please check my website and review various good and useful posts for all of us. I am very happy because you care about this. I really hope you can provide a review of my website.
thanks. Regards..

4. From the Backlink Provider Services

use backlink services
use backlink services
If you don't need to bother looking for edu and go.id backlinks, you can get it easily and with many choices. Usually service providers provide good and quality services in their pet blogs. You have to pay to get the services of the backlink. If you are interested, I have 36 backlinks from ac.id, go.id and .edu ... Please contact me. The price is pretty friendly.

5. Getting Backlinks from Software

Usually if we ever use premium software, we will get some benefits. One of them is we can post articles on edu and gov blogs. Therefore, I suggest that you can use this tool. But, it seems that in the era of the latest Google algorithm, this software is not very effective and takes up our time. Except, in ways that are right and not too ambitious and how to get good quality backlinks that are good for SEO.

6. Looking for and Having Direct

Well, this method is quite extreme. Many forums sell edu and gov blogs freely. Edu and Gov are obtained in a very confidential way. To create an edu blog, you must have an account or access to a university or edu web. If not, then you can't have it.

Well, that's the article that I can discuss and hopefully this discussion is useful for those of you who are looking for or want to get backlinks from edu and go.id.

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